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Just a note to thank you again for all your help securing 21 Skoufa. I'm already fully settled and unpacked there, and the first night was very pleasant indeed! As you said, the apartment has been very thoughtfully appointed in terms of accessories, and I'm very grateful not to have to worry about purchasing the essentials...

Wishing you a great autumn and certainly if I hear of anyone else looking for a place, will point them in your direction.

Tassos Los 18/9/2012

Service with a Smile

I first met Olga in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel when I was about a week into my search for an apartment and had been here in Athens for about a month.
I knew very few people and even less locations in the city but was immediately at ease with the lovely Olga. She made me feel that I was as important to her as the landlords she was acting for. This was an immediate and unique difference as I had not experienced this from the half dozen or so estate agents I had met since coming to Athens.
We immediately struck up a rapport and it seemed to me that Olga was as anxious to find somewhere nice that suited me to live as she was to find a suitable tenant for her clients. I remember thinking at the time that if I felt this good being shown apartments by Olga that I could only imagine what her clients must feel about the service they were receiving. Nothing was ever too much trouble for Olga and she was always prepared to that little bit extra and to add her own personal touch to all our dealings. This can best be described by telling you of the night of the lost keys.
A few days after moving into the apartment I arrived home to find that I had lost the keys. Stranded outside the apartment, knowing no one in this great big city what was I to do ? Only one thing for it, ring the lovely Olga. She was with another client at the time but said she would be with me within the hour. And sure enough she was. “I was going to drop by anyway” she said. “I have a few things in the car for the apartment”. As the landlord had put a new door in the apartment Olga had no spare key with her or in the office. There and then she rang the landlord and arranged to drive to her house to collect the keys. It was by now 9.00 p.m. and I’m sure Olga was tired after a long busy day. “Hop in” she said. “No point in you standing here in the street, I could do with the company”. And so we headed off to the landlord who lived a good half hour drive from the apartment. When Olga eventually found the house in a suburb she was not familiar with she got the keys and we headed back to the apartment. An hour and half after we set off we arrived back. As I got out of the car Olga handed me an iron and new kettle she had got for the apartment. “And here is something for yourself to welcome you to Athens” and she handed me a jar of honey from Crete and some homemade biscuits!!
Where could you get such service and I’m not even a client. Service with a big smile and an even bigger heart.

Paddy 30/10/2012

'Olga was always punctual, cheerful and organised. She sucessfully found us a penthouse flat with a view of the Acropolis, and listened carefully to our needs. I would recommend her.'

Lauren Walker 2/2/2012

Dear Olga,

I would like to thank you for your kindness and for your help.
The collaboration with your office has always been very enjoyable and the services provided always in time and very helpful.
Best regards and see you soon!

Linda Piras 5/6/2013

Helen's Real Estate exceeded expectations in all ways. Services were reliable, prompt and friendly. They made finding an apartment and arriving in Athens extremely easy; they even helped me get oriented in the neighborhood once I got there. I look forward to doing business with them again and would recommend them warmly to friends and colleagues.

Spencer 11/7/2013

When I knew I was going to do my internship in Athens, the apartment hunt started. I found Helen’s Real Estate on the internet and after reading more about the company I realised I found the right address to help me search the apartment I was looking for. I contacted the agency and Olga Nouka promissed me she would find something in a safe neighbourhood. And she did.

Helen’s Real Estate is trustworthy, friendly and extremely helpful. I am very thankful to Olga and Helen’s Real Estate, for making my stay in Athens even more perfect by finding a great place for me that I can call home.

Nina De Lang 1/11/2012

Helen's Real Estate , and its principal Ms Olga Nouka has been an exemplary estate agent throughout our collaboration in respect of my apartment
at Kolonaki. She has demonstrated a thorough and realistic knowledge of the Greek real estate market both in financially robust times and during the present recession.
Flexibility, an exceptional service mindset, a positive attitude alongside a wide respectable and reliable clientele of both foreigners living in Greece and Greeks, have all been important in concluding successfully and efficiently rent deals for my apartment, and I recommend her services wholeheartedly.

Christine P. Ioannou